Multisite is a powerful WordPress feature that can be used by any size website – small, medium, and large – to create multiple virtual websites using only one WordPress installation. Thus you can configure your website to be a complete network of websites.

WordPress Multisite uses more server resources than a standalone WordPress site, and has more specialized needs. So make sure your web host is able to handle hosting needs of a WordPress Multisite. A web host that specializes in hosting WordPress Multisite, like, is the ideal host.

#1 criteria to look for is a host with a “cPanel” account management interface. cPanel is the closest thing to a standard, so that when (not if) you decide to change hosts you don’t have a learning curve trying to understand how to set up your next account. Also, cPanel makes it easy to migrate a site from one host to another.

If your site has any real level of traffic and/or it’s making you money, invest in a VPS hosting plan. Virtually all shared hosting companies also sell VPS plans, but you should avoid them. When upgrading to a VPS (or dedicated server) experience shows that companies that don’t offer low end hosting will generally offer better options.

When you outgrow a VPS you have two choices- a dedicated server that only runs your site; or cloud/on-demand services.